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Teaching my Kids about Conservationism- Part 2

Part 2

Conservationism...can a kid really get it?

So a week or so has passed since I started thinking about how to get my kids involved in conservationism. I've decided both kids need different approaches.

First my eight year old son. He is totally the get dirty type- he loves dirt...he is everything a little boy is supposed to be. So I've started getting him involved in my composting and planting efforts. He's really into the composting. He's even excited about taking the kitchen scraps down to the compost pile on the weekends. He thinks its "so cool" that that stuff...along with grass clippings, shredded newspaper, leaves etc...will one day be dirt. Dirt that helps plants grow. When we were at Home Depot this weekend- I pointed out the bags of compost for $4.96. He couldn't believe how expensive it was. I think I'm actually getting somewhere with him.

As for my 11 year old daughter. She's going to be the tough one. First- I want her to be considerate of the resources she uses- without growing to into a Birkenstock wearing tree-hugger freak. So I feel like I'm walking a fine line. I took her with me to the dump this past weekend on my weekly trash run. She couldn't get over how much trash was there and that it was all going to buried in the earth. So my next step was to get her interested in recycling. So I've put her in charge of "managing" our recycling efforts at home. And boy has she run with it. She's like the little recycling Nazi now. Heaven forbid she finds a water bottle in the trash can.

Anyway- my reason for posting this is I really feel we have to start with our kids. Reduce, ReUse, Recycle and Respect...it needs to be a lifestyle not just a slogan.

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Teaching my Kids about Conservationism- Part 2
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